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Geek Horizons is to marketing and technology what alchemy was to chemistry. We leverage the best of available and emerging elements of data, technology, and creativity to create a custom solution for our clients. Contact us for affordable web design!

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A team of technicians committed to technology, dedicated to your success.

Geek Horizon designs and manages technology projects beginning with the cabling and infrastructure, the computer workstations and network, and ending with communications and phone systems. All Geek Horizon technicians are expertly educated in their division, and then cross-trained in other divisions to provide total project understanding and expertise. Please ask about our affordable web design!

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We know what it takes for you to create a healthy relationship with technology, because we have a healthy relationship with technology.


We will always actively work to resolve your technical issues and concerns. No matter what. It’s what we do, and it’s what we promise.


We care about our country and the businesses we serve. We are wholly dedicated to honesty and strong, upstanding principles.

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Web/E-Commerce & Graphic Design

We take the notion of “Be the change you wish to see” into the world wide web and create the e-footprint you wish to see to generate the returns you originally set out to achieve.

We develop the strategies needed to help you implement your products onto an ecommerce platform and connect with the audiences you aim to reach. We offer affordable web design!

IT Managed Services & Network Security

We take an audit of available software and hardware you’re currently using and adapt our know how to make your process as efficient as possible. With our educated recommendations you can use at will to, tweak, change, implement as needed to your current model and see the benefits in real time.

VoIP, WiFi, Audits, and Much More

This aspect of our business speaks to the environment you want to build for your workplace, we aim to please. Whether its interoffice connectivity or amplifying the network connectivity between office spaces, we’ve got you covered.

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